Marathon Bucket List

Although I finally consider myself a “runner” and I am running the Boston Marathon, I really haven’t ran that many unique races. The Rock and Roll San Diego Marathon was the first race I ran out of state. Boston will be the second. There are some really great marathons out there, and I would love to be able to cross at least some of these off my list.

Boston MarathonBoston Marathon

  • Oldest marathon
  • Must qualify
  • Run on Patriots Day (second Monday in April)
  • Running in April!



New York City Marathon runners on bridgeNew York City Marathon

  • Largest marathon.
  • Qualify or enter lottery and hope you get in
  • Run in November
  • My plan was to run this in 2013 by qualifying at the Seattle Rock and Roll Half this year (need a 1:37) until they changed the qualifying times. Now, I need a 1:27 for half or a 3:00 for a full marathon. Eek. I wanted to qualify, but there is still a chance I may opt for the lottery.


Sedona Marathon scenerySedona Marathon/Half Marathon

  • Run in February
  • Said to be “one of the most beautiful marathons in the country”
  • Scenic and hilly
  • Ran at 4500 feet elevation



Chicago Marathon logoChicago Marathon

  • Run in October
  • VERY popular (sold out in 4 days this year)
  • I feel like all the cool people run this, so I want to, too
  • Fast and flat course



Portland Marathon logo Portland Marathon

  • Also run in October
  • Another one I feel like the cool kids do
  • A race that’s won a lot of “bests”-best first marathon, best October marathon, best walker friendly marathon, best in the west for entertainment



Paris Marathon Champs ElyseesParis Marathon

  • Run in April
  • This marathon was a dream of mine years ago, before I even ran a marathon
  • Instead of GU, they hand out fruit (raisins, oranges and bananas) every 5km
  • It’s Paris!



BIg Sur Marathon running over bridgeBig Sur Marathon

  • Run in April
  • Big Sur to Carmel on Highway 1. Scenic route
  • Ranked #1 destination marathon in US




Nike Women's Half MarathonSan Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon/Half Marathon

  • Run in October
  • Largest women’s only marathon
  • Each finisher is given a Tiffany’s necklace, handed out by firemen (this is the main appeal of the race)




SeaWheeze Half MarathonThe SeaWheeze Half Marathon (also known as the Lululemon Vancouver half)

  • Run in August
  • I love Lululemon
  • I love Vancouver
  • “Yoga. Run. Party. Please meet the SeaWheeze(aka the most fun half-marathon in the world)” SOLD!
  • If you register by May, you get a pair of Luluemon shorts!


Rock and Roll Marathon seriesI also love the Rock and Roll Series and want to run as many (mostly half-marathons) as possible, with the following a priority (already have run Seattle half and San Diego full)

  • Arizona-Ran in January
  • Montreal-Ran in September
  • New York-Ran in October (the best time of year to be on the east coast, in my opinion)
  • Las Vegas-Ran in December…at night. So cool.
  • Madrid-Ran in April
  • Dublin-Ran in August

Which marathons are on your bucket list? Have you crossed any of them off? Run any marathons on my list? Running your first? Which one?

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2 Responses to “Marathon Bucket List”

  1. Denise Balog
    April 17, 2012 at 12:22 pm #

    Hi Julie – it was great to meet you yesterday! I hope your marathon turned out wonderful and hope the coffee gave you the juju you needed! =)

    Boston was incredible. I wrote a summary of my experience and emailed it to my friends last night. If you send your email to me, I’ll forward along. I finished with a PR! (for my slowest marathon ever…LOL) but I was smiling and am still smiling.


    • April 17, 2012 at 1:49 pm #

      Denise! So great to meet you, too! Wow, congrats on your PR! That is amazing. I didn’t PR, but I did finish and had an amazing experience, too. I can’t wait to do it again! Looking forward to reading about your race. Stay in touch. I owe you a cup of coffee. :)

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