Barre3 Workout, and Don’t Forget the Sunscreen!

Yesterday I ran 12 miles. My legs were really, really, really tired.

For the past two Fridays, instead of my regular yoga class, I have mixed it up and taken a barre class instead. I went to barre3 on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Oh my gosh, it kicked my a$$.

What is a barre class? It’s a ballet-barre inspired full-body workout that incorporates yoga and Pilates. It was created by Madonna’s trainer, Sadie Lincoln, and is a butt-kicker. Read here for more info.

It’s extremely challenging. Your muscles shake and tremble, and you sweat, and your heart pounds. It is an amazing workout, and I really enjoyed it. However, I don’t think it’s the best thing to start while I am in training.

Anyway, my legs, already sore from training, became even more sore from the barre class. Needless to say, my 12 mile run was painful. Luckily, I am tapering now, and I can rest my legs (somewhat). I do know the barre class helped strengthen my legs, I just haven’t had a chance to rest my legs so they can recover. I am hoping I pull out of this taper and lead into the race with uber-strong legs!

Another not-s0-great thing that happened on my run yesterday. It was cloudy when I ventured out of the house for my run, so I didn’t apply sunscreen (which I usually am so diligent with), so this happened:

Luckily I had a visor on so my face does NOT look like this.

Now that is warming up, and sunshine is more prevalent, learn from my horrible mistake, and PLEASE DON’T FORGET THE SUNSCREEN!!!

Have you taken a barre class?

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